One Dimensional, We Are Not!


Full Service Power House

Our clients are not one dimensional, and neither are we. With over 25 years of experience in marketing and communications, VJP has a wealth of talent and know-how to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you need a new logo, or need to launch an immersion campaign, we can help. Take a look at the full list of services and solutions we provide.


We are strategic planners who create experiential marketing programs and activities. We can target both the general market and culturally diverse events. We take care of all the details from beginning to end.
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A well-planned event creates lasting impressions for both the brand and the customer experience with the brand. From small grassroots events to executing large-scale signature events, strategic planning and flawless activation requires concentrating on the overall delivery. Whether its strategic planning, content strategy, sponsorship negotiation, vendor relations to strategic partnerships, VJP takes care of all the details to ensure a successful event experience.


We customize turn-key business, social and entertainment event experiences. These include business meetings, corporate hospitality, tours, spouse programs and meals.
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We begin at the top with strategic intent to understand your goals, objectives, any specific requirements and key must-haves. At VJP, we take time to clearly understand and anticipate your needs, and then go that extra mile to customize extraordinary event experiences for both the client and attendees. We manage event programming, whether for large-scale meetings or more intimate functions. From the venue, vendor relations, gift bags, staff, audio/visual and graphics technology, production design, transportation, to welcome registrations…just leave all the operational details to us.


Our integrated communication methods will generate awareness to your digital marketing and social platforms, complete with customer introduction and navigation support.
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As DMCES specialists, we generate awareness to your digital marketing platforms with on-site, “in the moment interaction” by providing navigation support, app introduction, application instruction, and highlighting new platform evolutions. We at VJP are able to enhance and influence the customer conversation and cultivate awareness and support for market analysis and data collection opportunities.


We provide graphic design components for traditional and specialty projects with strategic concept and design production. This includes exterior and interior graphic applications and related elements.
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Creating vibrant and eye-catching visuals with strong messaging and well-implemented graphics, attracts attention and improves audience retention.  Whether it’s a campaign or an independent collateral project, VJP handles the creative process including strategic concept, content development and design production. Our graphic design and production capabilities range from producing portable museum displays to corporate exhibits. We incorporate consumer engagement opportunities at trade shows, conventions, expos, road shows and nationwide tours.


We develop public relations campaigns and community relations projects, that build synergy connecting audiences with companies and organizations.
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Developing public and community affinity with your brand or organization is key to retaining, sustaining and building a positive connection with your audience. These connections create an emotional bond and affirmation with your audience. At VJP, we integrate communications strategies that strengthen and showcase the images you want to project. From crisis management, media relations, community partnerships to advisory consultations, our strategies foster community awareness and audience connection with your brand.


Our training and skill-development programs motivate employees and bolster morale, which increases their productivity.
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Training and development are essential for long-term business sustainability and overall business success. At VJP, we pride ourselves on customizing training programs to tackle specific challenges and expand opportunities. This greatly impacts efficiency, morale and innovation, which are crucial to your bottom line: profitability. From team assessment and review, development of support material, business consultations, to on-site team training sessions, we offer customized programming to position you for future growth.