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VJP: Committed to Excellence

VJP is a full-service, multicultural marketing and communications agency. We specialize in brand retention and experiential marketing campaigns for clients who operate within a local, regional or global business environment. VJP offers an array of professional services designed to capture and reach your target market. We use integrated marketing methods for results-driven engagement.

We are committed to quality programming with a caring and personalized touch. Our diverse teams work to ensure you get only the best in service, with upbeat professionalism... which is the hallmark of our company’s culture.

We excel in developing marketing programs for clients interested in reaching the African, Asian, Caribbean and Latin American target markets within the United States. Our expertise and proficiency also include developing the African American market, general market strategies and fully formed business solutions.


All of our services include custom-tailored communications strategies and tactics designed to educate, influence and improve consumer behavior.

  • Marketing Campaign Strategy & Management
  • Event Planning & Engagement
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media & Media Buys
  • Strategic Planning & Market Research
  • PR & Community Relations


We Call Them Country Corridors

We help you identify and culturally connect with your target customers. We have the power to reach customers from more than 34 countries living right here in the United States. Our expertise is in “niche marketing”, grounded in research and customized tactics to promote your brand, product and message.


United States | Mexico


Costa Rica | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Nicaragua


Cameroon | Ethiopia | Gambia | Ghana | Kenya | Liberia | Nigeria | Somalia


Bahamas | Cuba | Dominican Republic | Haiti | Jamaica | Puerto Rico | Trinidad & Tobago


Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Ecuador | Peru


China | Philippines | Vietnam | India | Bangladesh | Pakistan

BRANDING strategist

At VJP, we focus on brand affinity. Our campaigns are designed to make the brand come alive with impactful consumer engagement. We do this by building emotional bonds and credibility, which sustains and builds brand loyalty.

activations specialist

Our team of strategists and planners develop action plans for our clients, filled with attention-grabbing events and activities. VJP handles all the details, taking the plan and putting it into action. Production is at our core!

Strategic focus

We are driven to provide our clients with strategic long-term and short-term business solutions. We thrive on challenges and provide innovative solutions with an energetic approach to drive, build and grow your business operations.


We provide consumer feedback based on real-time, face-to-face consumer engagement. We gather pulse reactions and comments about the consumer’s experience as added value, to support all aspects of your business.


Clients Who Trust Us

For over 25 years, VJP Marketing and Communications has proven time and time again “The Power to Reach.” It shows in our customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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